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Prescription Fillings

Our trained and licensed pharmacists are ready to assist you in filling your prescriptions. You can conveniently get your medications delivered to your doorstep, ensuring a seamless and accessible healthcare experience. At Medisafe Pharmacy, we prioritize your health and convenience, making it easier for you to access the medications you need with the expertise and guidance of our qualified professionals.


Pharmacist Consultation

Feel free to consult with our pharmacists anytime, and rest assured, these consultations are completely free of charge. Whether you have questions about your medications, need advice on a specific health condition, or seek general guidance on maintaining your well-being, our trained professionals are here to assist you. We believe in providing accessible and valuable healthcare support to enhance your overall health and address any concerns you may have.


Medicine Delivery

Ordering your medications is made convenient from the comfort of your home with Medisafe Pharmacy. Our delivery service ensures that your medications are brought to your doorstep, with most deliveries being offered free of charge or with minimal fees. We prioritize accessibility and aim to make the process of obtaining your medications as easy and cost-effective as possible, allowing you to focus on your health without any added hassle.



At Medisafe Pharmacy, we offer a comprehensive range of supplements to cater to various health needs. Our selection includes a variety of supplements designed to support overall well-being, address specific health concerns, and complement individual lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, or other nutritional support, we strive to provide a diverse and high-quality array of products. Feel free to explore our supplement offerings to find the right options for your health and wellness goals.


Other Business

We are actively involved in the manufacturing and distribution of diabetic strips as well as K beauty products in Thailand. This dual focus underscores our commitment to both healthcare, specifically for individuals managing diabetes, and the beauty industry with a particular emphasis on Korean beauty products in the Thai market.


Pharma Distribution

We proudly stand as a leading wholesaler and distributor of pharmaceuticals in Thailand, boasting a robust distribution network that spans across the entire country. Our commitment to providing a wide range of medicines is complemented by an efficient and extensive distribution system, ensuring that our products reach every corner of Thailand effectively.